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A day in a life of a towing driver

The day starts early, before rush hour traffic and before the rest of the city tries to start the day, never realizing the car troubles that may get in the way. For tow drivers, never knowing who they’ll deal with, what the situation, or where they’ll find themselves, is both challenging and what makes the work interesting.

Early morning

Those early morning calls can be anything from a car battery to a slow tire leak that reveals itself as a flat in the morning. These calls are easy, and generally safe. Working on a quiet residential street, or in an area that was safe and quiet enough to park, tow drivers can get in and provide the efficient, professional service required.

Getting drivers on the road so they can start their day means quickly diagnosing the problem and then having the truck loaded with the right parts and the right tools. We even get the occasional call from someone who tried to boost their vehicle using a neighbours and instead, messed up both in the process. It’s important to know what you’re doing, or to call a professional who does.

The commute

Within a few short hours we’re called into the thick of things, dealing with the little things that can really tie up the morning commute. Whether it’s a wee fender bender that resulted in a driver not steady enough to get back behind the wheel right away, or something more significant that left a car un-driveable, vehicles sitting where they aren’t meant to be ties up the roads for everyone.

If you think this work isn’t tricky, you’ve never dealt with the pile-up of accidents that can happen as other drivers try to speed past or around traffic tie-ups. Local police know they can rely on licensed tow drivers to get in, get the vehicles, and get out quickly so things don’t get any worse.

Dangerous work

Police also rely on us to know how to work safely. Every time we’re on a busy roadway, feeling the movement of the air as cars move past, a tow driver is aware of how close they are to injury, or worse. Being a professional and having the right training means knowing how to move around a vehicle so you stay safe, while working quickly and efficiently.

All day long

All day long the calls come. There are the out of gas calls, the car locksmith requirements, vehicle breakdowns that require towing to a garage or local mechanic. People who know, understand the need to call a full service company like Towing San Jose https://towing-san-jose.com/. Rather than an instant tow and the hassle and time spent then getting the car fixed, professional towers like these can deal with minor issues on the spot, getting drivers where they need to go faster.

After hours

Even after the evening commute is done and most people are safely home, tow drivers need to stay alert. Working the on-call shift means knowing you may be heading out into the dark, into poorly lit working conditions, and often it seems, into bad weather to boot, at any moment. But because we’re professional, because we have to be reliable, we don’t ask the customer to wait until daylight. No, we move into action to make sure the situation is dealt with quickly, safely and reliably.

Yes, the life of a tow driver can be complicated and it is certainly unpredictable. But it’s what we train for, its what our experience and professionalism prepares us for. It’s what we do to keep our clients and the roadways moving.