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Tips for Buying a Used Car

How to Make the Right Decision

Buying a used car can be a fun experience but it can also be a stressful time. Here is a comprehensive list on how to buy a used car:

  • Do Your Research & Ask Questions – This should be very self explanatory. Buying a car isn’t always about the color of the car, it’s also about the safety of it as well. Ask the seller if the vehicle has been in any accidents? Has there been any serious repairs? How many times has the vehicle changed hands? Check to see if the seller has a good reputation or if they have sold any other vehicles in the past. These are all valid questions that must be answered before you spend any money on a used car.
  • Get the Car Inspected Right Away – Once you’ve picked out the car of your dreams, OK at least the car within your price range, make sure you have it inspected at a local garage. Make sure you take the car for a spin way before you have a professional look at it. Listen for any engine noises or steering issues, these are both major issues that must be addressed by the seller if possible. If the mechanic gives it the thumb’s up, you’re good to go!
  • Closing the Deal – This is your chance to negotiate a little bit on the price. Never settle for the first price. If you’re not a car aficionado, one of your friends or family members might be able to help. We all have that one friend or relative that lives, breathes and sleeps cars! Bring them along as they will prove invaluable when finalizing a deal. Make sure you get a receipt, title and plates before paying any money.

Emergency Towing San Jose to the Rescue!

At Towing San Jose, we’re a friendly towing and roadside assistance provider situated in the heart of San Jose. After the purchase of a used car, you might opt to have it towed to your driveway or to a repair shop for maintenance. We can provide you with a flatbed tow truck in a timely and cost efficient manner. You can get a hold of us for customer support as well. We work together with all major insurance companies, which allows you to get reimbursed by your provider. Give us a buzz anytime to arrange a convenient towing trip.