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Car Breakdown Solutions

Main reasons for a Car Breakdown

There are a variety of reasons why cars break down. Follow our guide to learn the main culprits.

Some of the main reasons why cars stop and can’t start are include terms you are familiar with but perhaps don’t understand. The carburetor might be dirty and need to be cleaned; you could be out of engine fluid, water or oil. If you have some basic knowledge of cars, you can probably undertake these checks and refills yourself. If you are one of many people who doesn’t have the fluids or the knowledge, go to a reputable mechanic who will be happy to perform these services for you.

As a preventative measure, your car should be checked by a licensed mechanic often; depending on the requirements of your state of residence, this could be twice a year as a minimum. Emergency Towing recommends you follow your car manufacturer’s guidelines, listen to the performance of your vehicle and have regular checks before long journeys or if you notice something unusual.

Let’s say that your car breaks down unexpectedly from a dead battery. How can you get it going again?
Most people do this through a jump start. Performing a jump start can be easy to do – but note that you need another car in order to do this! The other car needs to be running, of course, so if you are part of a convoy of broken cars, you’ll need to call Emergency Towing for dead battery replacement, towing or other
emergency roadside assistance.

If you want to try to perform a jump start yourself, you will need another car, jumper cables, safety glasses and some wire brushes for cleaning the connections. You will need to park the running car next to the “dead” car and run the jumper cables so that they reach both vehicles and connect from one
battery to the other. If the dead car still doesn’t start, call Emergency Towing for help!