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Will Cars Have Keys in the Future?

Technology moves forward in giants leaps, rendering what was just a second ago completely vital now utterly useless. We can see it all around us, in every aspect of life.

What was once thought to be fantasies of demented dreamers is now common practice. Who would have thought smartphones would rule our lives and extend their influence into every area in our everyday lives? Nowadays, you can do virtually anything with your smartphone, provided of course, that you’ve mastered the finger swiping lore and that you’ve got the right application installed. With these two, you can manage your bank accounts, communicate with friends on the other side of the globe, control home systems, and yes, even gain access to some cars.

If we can control home systems with our smartphones, why not unlock our cars with them? Why not start our cars with a single swipe of finger?

One of the greatest things about technology is the fact that it replaces or upgrades obsolete artifacts and accessories. Car keys are extremely susceptible to all sorts of calamities. While you’re more than likely to misplace them at one point or another, you will probably never ever misplace your smartphone. Car keys can be dropped into sewer gutters with you being none the wiser. They can be subjected to any number of dangers and threats. We’re not saying that smartphones are totally impervious but they’re more likely to be kept close by. Sure, smartphones are also susceptible to damages, thefts, loss, or any other kind of misfortune but people tend to keep a closer eye on them.

Looking around us, it’s not unreasonable to assume that in the future cars could be control by smartphones. However, as the future of car keys may not be clear today, their present is quite clear. Nowadays, car keys are absolutely essential and are used by anyone with a motored vehicle. Therefore, you must always have a locksmith at the ready should some sort of calamity befall your beloved car keys.

Emergency Towing San Jose are expert locksmiths. No matter what your car keys related needs may be, our experts have the answer at the ready. Swift response, complete and utter professionalism, extremely high service awareness levels, and an unwavering smile will guarantee results both you and your car keys will be pleased with.