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Key Cutting Methods

Each vehicle has it’s own unique key and key structure. Regardless of the specific make or car model, duplicating the blades on any one car key is the result of mechanical key duplication or laser cutting. A professional auto locksmith will be able to easily duplicate any particular cut on your unique key. It’s highly recommended that you store the number of an emergency auto locksmith on your smartphone, since you never know when it might come in handy! Here is a list of the various types of keys and their functions:

  • Transponder Keys – Transponder keys include a small computer chip in the key handle for ignition security and the prevention of key fraud. Honda remote keys and Volkswagen switchblade (flip) keys are two popular types of transponder keys.
  • Laser Cut Keys – Laser keys offer a number of security advantages, including the fact that their lock cylinders are harder to pick than traditional ones. They require the use of specialized software and a high-tech laser-cutting machine for production.
  • Mechanical-Cut Keys – Mechanical cut automotive keys are made on a mechanical key cutting machine. They feature a cut pattern along one edge of the blade, allowing the key itself to fit into the ignition only one way.
  • VATS Keys – These security-enhanced mechanical keys were produced by General Motors for various models. The telltale black resistor “chip” on the blade itself has earned it the misnomer “chip key,” even though this key contains no computer chip or electronic memory of any kind.
  • Valet Keys – Typically issued alongside a standard transponder key or smart key, valet keys have been slightly modified to allow the holder to operate doors locks and ignition but not open locked trunks or glove boxes. Models such as Nissan and Honda issue metal-blade valet keys with a plastic handle. Other automakers, such as Volkswagen, may issue a valet key made entirely out of plastic.

There’s a Key for Every Car! – Why Choose Us?

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