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Flatbed and Dolly Towing Solutions


Dolly Towing System

Flatbed towing is the safest way to transport a vehicle from one area to another. The flatbed is used to safely attach your vehicle, so it never drags behind on the road. Flatbed towing is also used to safely transport a brand new vehicle directly to a person’s residence, while still preserving the vehicle. Dolly towing, on the other hand, involves towing vehicles on a wheeled trailer. They are mostly used when the vehicle being towed, can’t be towed with all four wheels down. There is also the pricing factor, which can determine the appropriate towing solution for you. Most people prefer to use a dolly, since it is typically a lot less inexpensive than a flatbed solution.



You need to make sure that the tow dolly can accommodate the load of the vehicle you plan on transporting. Make sure that the dolly is designed to support the weight and size of the towed vehicle when you use a tow dolly. You should pay attention to the width and weight capacity of the dolly, before transporting your vehicle. You also need to make sure that the tow dolly coupler is properly attached to the ball mount and that you are using the proper size hitch ball before you load or unload your vehicle. It is very important to check that everything is properly attached onto the tow dolly and in safe order beforehand. Here are a few helpful tips for safely securing a tow dolly to your vehicle:

  • Drive At Safe Speeds – You should always drive at a safe speed when your vehicle is attached to a tow dolly. Allow yourself extra braking space, since the tow dolly is wider than some vehicles towing it. Stay centered in your lane of traffic.
  • Avoid Sudden Braking – You should always give yourself extra room to apply the brakes with an attached vehicle. Do not attempt to make sharp turns or U-turns. If you turn too sharply, the car you’re towing can come directly in contact with the tow dolly fender. The end result can cause serious damage to both the towed vehicle and dolly.
  • Safety Check Before Towing – Check that lug nuts are fully tightened, and that wheel hubs and bearings are properly adjusted and lubricated. Check all lights to see that they are functioning properly. Make sure to follow manufacturer instructions or have the tow dolly checked by a reliable mechanic.

Whether you need a flatbed towing or a dolly towing, Emergency  Towing, is your one stop source for all towing services. We’re an honest and reliable towing company in San Jose, with many years of experience under our belts. We can provide you with a wide range of towing and emergency roadside services. Don’t get stuck on the road again, give us a call today!