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Flatbed Towing Vs. Dolly Towing Solutions

The Differences Between Flatbed & Dolly Towing

Flatbed towing remains superior over traditional towing solutions. Flatbed towing is the most preferred way to transport a vehicle. Unlike tow dollies, your vehicle never comes in contact with the road surfaces at any given point. Tow dollies might be a cheaper alternative to flatbeds, but they are nowhere near as safe. All four wheels are lifted high above the concrete or ground and rest comfortably atop the flatbeds themselves. Flatbed towing saves you mileage, which might otherwise get accumulated during a dolly trip. You also don’t have to worry about the treads of the tires scratching the harsh gravel, since the wheels are nowhere near the roads.

Tow dollies might seem like an ideal towing solution, but they don’t compare to the quality offered by flatbeds. Long distance towing is not an option for dollies, since they’re just not built for that kind of travel. Tow dollies are ideal for local towing or emergency towing solutions. Flatbeds offer the same services with higher safety standards. Flatbeds can accommodate more weight resistance than a typical dolly. You can easily drive a minivan or larger pickup truck onto the flatbed without any problems whatsoever. Flatbed tow trucks are driven by professional roadside technicians that are properly trained and qualified. You can set the tow dolly up yourself, but you’ll need another vehicle to drag your car along. Flatbed towing wins this battle by a long shot!

Emergency Towing offers the safest flatbed towing solutions throughout the city of San Jose. We have a remarkably talented group of roadside experts that remain on duty. Our flatbed trucks can handle massive amounts of weight. We offer terrific prices and provide you with elite level towing support. We are a friendly and reliable towing company that goes above and beyond to keep you safe on the road. We are also nationally recognized insurance vendors. We present a convenient direct billing approach that simplifies the payment process. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your towing or roadside assistance needs.