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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Hurricane?

If a Hurricane is coming We recommend you to read this post and learn how to prepare your car to that storm!


One of the things you should worry about when you find out that a hurricane is about to strike is what’s going to happen to your vehicle. We suggest you follow the eight steps we describe bellow in order to best prepare your vehicle for a hurricane.

  1. Make sure the insurance policy you have for your vehicle covers damage caused during a hurricane. If not, this may be a good time to upgrade your vehicle’s insurance policy to one that does.
  2. Check all fluids, from windshield wiper fluid through radiator coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, steering hydraulic fluid, battery distilled water level and gas.
  3. Check out the seat belts, do they function properly, are they worn out, are there any visible tears? Have the seatbelts replaced if necessary.
  4. Make sure your vehicle’s tires are in good condition and that they are properly inflated, check the spare tire too.
  5. Fill up on gas, it may be a good idea to fill up extra canisters that you have handy.
  6. Draft a “must have” vehicle gear list, include the following items, tool kit, pocket knife, spare fuses, road flares, tire sealant, extra motor oil, hydraulic steering fluid, coolant antifreeze, jack, wrench, jumper cables, flashlight (with extra batteries), battery powered radio, pen and paper, a blanket, a first aid kit, a can opener and reserves of food and drinking water.
  7. Park your vehicle in a sheltered location.
  8. Apply masking tape to your vehicle’s windows so that cleanup is easier if a window breaks.

If you follow these eight steps you will be making certain that your vehicle is best prepared for the hurricane that’s coming. All that’s left is to sit tight and wait it through. Remember to only drive your vehicle so long as weather conditions allow, don’t take any unnecessary risks.