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Towing is Just the Start: The Many Jobs of a Tow Truck Driver

There’s more to being a tow truck driver than simply towing vehicles. While some people may just assume we only respond to calls to remove a car from the scene of an accident or to take vehicles off of private property, this doesn’t even scratch the surface.

As we have years of experience providing towing services in San Jose, our history involves many rich, varied jobs.

To be a successful tow truck driver, you have to wear a number of hats. On any given day, you may well receive a number of different calls, each requiring a set of skills different to the last. Given the huge amount of drivers on the road in and around San Jose, vehicles can experience plenty of issues: perhaps a tire blows out, with no spare in the trunk; perhaps a driver runs out of gas miles from the nearest garage; perhaps someone locks themselves out of their car while they are on their way to an important meeting.

Being able to help solve each and every problem with a minimum of fuss is key to a career in towing and roadside assistance. Let’s take a look at the varied jobs we have to undertake again and again.

Flat Tires Blow a Graduation … Almost

A couple of years ago, we received a call from a customer named Jane, on her way to her son’s graduation. He was her only child, and had worked hard at college; obviously, she was incredibly proud and excited to see him graduate.

This is the kind of day many parents look forward to, and it should be a perfect, unforgettable experience.

However, one of Jane’s tires blew without warning. As she was already in danger of running late for the graduation because of heavy traffic, Jane understandably started to panic.

She had no spare tire. She had nobody else with her. She needed reliable help, and fast.

Luckily, Jane had our number. She gave us a call, and well within a half hour we were on the scene to help. Our driver was on hand to change her tire, and to reassure her that she’d get to the graduation on time. Being compassionate, friendly, and comforting in a tough situation is key for a tow truck driver: people in jams like this want to see a smiling face and hear a helpful tone.

Jane was back on the road in next to no time, and reached her son’s graduation right on time. This was a hugely rewarding job, and our driver felt proud to have played even a small role in a day she’d never forget.

A Diversity of Responsibilities

Jane’s story is just one example of the diverse ways in which tow truck drivers can help people’s lives get back on track. Outside of towing vehicles from the scene of a collision, accident, or simple breakdown, our drivers also specialize in helping to fix the following problems: car lockouts; dead batteries; empty gas tank; and key replacements.

Each of these common issues can cause massive problems, delaying people on their way to important occasions, slowing their attempts to drive a friend or loved one to hospital, or even jeopardizing their jobs. Being able to identify the cause of an issue, solve it as quickly as possible, and give the customer the information they need to avoid said problems again in the future is an essential requirement for today’s tow truck drivers.