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Transponder Key Advice from our experts

What Is a Transponder Key?

Transponder keys are factory-made accessories that come with a vehicle, and provide for radio transmission between the car and the key. This radio transmission allows for a key to be programmed to only start a specific, individual car. Transponder keys are also known as chip keys, and they are mostly found in newer model cars. There is a lot of technology involved in the creation of a transponder key, which is also unique to the specific model vehicle. The primary function of a transponder chip key is to disarm a vehicle’s immobilizer when the car key is used to start the engine. It’s main purpose is to steer burglars away from your vehicle, and drastically reduce the amount of auto theft overall.

How To Cut a Transponder Key

Cutting a transponder key requires the right machinery and tools. A professional auto locksmith company will have the right machinery to safely cut any model chip key. These technicians carry very sophisticated machinery that can handle any specific chip key, regardless of car model or brand. They use a high precision key cutting machine that contains code cutting and duplication. A reliable auto locksmith company can save you a fortune by providing you with a brand new transponder key.

The alternative would be to have your vehicle towed, and that could cost you a true fortune. These roadside emergency technicians should be able to precisely cut or duplicate any model chip key you have. In addition to saving you time and money with an emergency towing, they can also save you the headache of visiting a local car dealership that can charge you a lot of money for a simple job.

Towing San Jose Experts

At Emergency Towing, we specialize in transponder key cutting, with emergency technicians, always on call. Our reputation is well known throughout the San Jose area, and we can arrive to your location within 30 minutes time. Our emergency auto locksmith services extend beyond the traditional key cutting and duplication, as we provide a wide range of towing services as well. All work is done on the spot, so you can see exactly how we craft your chip key. We will provide you with a quote by phone, so that there is never any hidden surprises along the way. We’re always proud to show you our customer testimonials, as we’ve worked very hard to get them. We work with all major model chip keys, so you never have to worry. Get in touch with our friendly customer support staff, and let us help get you safely back home.