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Why Would City Council Tow Your Car?

There is absolutely nothing fun about having your car towed, especially at your own expense! You should always be aware of where you park your vehicle, and check that you are not obstructing any traffic or that your vehicle is not in a restricted parking zone. You don’t have to be the next towing victim of the city, if you take the right precautionary measures in advance. There are several reasons for when your vehicle might get towed away by the city.
Unpaid Parking Tickets – If you have any unpaid parking tickets, now would be a good time to have them fully paid off, or you may have to risk getting your vehicle impounded. Illegally Parked Vehicles – If you’re parked illegally, unsafely or with no proof of vehicle registration, your car can be removed immediately. You should always be aware of any red zone or other no parking areas. You should check to make sure that you’re also not blocking a street, traffic lane, sidewalk or driveway. Illegal Parking in Handicap Areas – This is pretty self explanatory. Your vehicle can easily be towed away if you’re illegally parked in a handicap zone. You may be at the risk of facing a huge fine as well. Suspended License or Unlicensed – Vehicles cannot be driven by any unlicensed driver or those who commit a license violation. Vehicles can be towed even if the driver is not the vehicle owner or if there is a licensed passenger in the car. The police department has full right to have your vehicle towed in this situation.
It goes without saying that you should be very careful when you get inside your car, and even more careful when you park it somewhere. You should always carry your driver’s license and proper ID with you at all times. If you have any previous unpaid parking tickets, you can simply pay them off at your local post office. You never want to take any chances, so it’s very important that you take these preventative measures to ensure that your vehicle is in a safe place, when it is left unattended.

Getting Towed –Why Choose Us?

Knowing the city towing regulations is very important, but it’s even more important to have a towing company that you can trust. At Emergency Towing, we’re always on call, day or night, so you can always contact us in an emergency. We work with the most reliable roadside technicians that will safely get your vehicle out of any danger. We provide you with the best quality towing services, at the most affordable rates. Don’t let an inexperienced towing company touch your vehicle! Get in touch with our friendly customer support team today, and let us help get you safely back on your destination.