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Car Battery Replacement Services

Emergency Towing in San Jose through its network of independently owned and licensed affiliates is your source for all car battery replacement services. We’ve been the most trusted towing company for many years dating back. Our responsibility is to safely disconnect and remove the damaged battery, before having it replaced with a brand new one. We can send an emergency tow truck if you need more in depth services from an auto body shop in San Jose. We have fast arrival policy that you can put into writing as well. Replacing a car battery requires having the right tools and equipment for the job. An ordinary wrench might not be enough to get a heavy battery out of place. Lifting the battery out of place is no simple task either, and should be handled by professionals only. The dead battery must be disconnected one terminal at a time by a highly trained professional to avoid electrocution or serious injury.

Car Battery Replacement Specialists San Jose

Our trusted roadside crew members will make sure the emergency lights are turned on and a red fluorescent triangle set in place. These safety precautions are incredibly important to keep you out of harm. Our recognizable trucks carry all the needed tools to safely remove the dead car battery. Batteries are also pretty heavy, but we have a proven technique of removing them. After the new car battery is firmly in place, you will then be able to get back on the road. Towing San Jose roadside assistance services includes; car battery replacement, emergency towing, out of gas refueling, jump start services, flat tire change and auto locksmith. We know how critical each second is during a roadside emergency. That’s why it’s our priority to arrive ahead of time, so you can put your worries away.

Emergency Roadside Specialists Ready to Assist!

Car batteries have a tendency to wear out after a certain period of time. It’s essential to have a professional mechanic inspect the car battery before you take your vehicle for a spin. Our experienced roadside crew will have your car battery changed on the spot. We work through all weather conditions, rain or shine, you can count on us to be there for you! Getting in touch with us is incredibly easy, just give us a brief description of your vehicle and location, and leave the rest to the best at Towing San Jose!

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