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Why Your Car Won’t Start?

Waking up in the morning just a little behind schedule, burning your breakfast, and spilling your drink are practically nothing in comparison to that moment when you jump into your car and turn the key, only to hear no sound. A car that won’t start is like a bad omen, especially when you don’t know the cause of your dead car. The most likely reaction from many drivers is to simply call for the help of a professional towing service, but before you do that, try troubleshooting the problem and see if you can’t fix it and save yourself some money! Here are a few of the most common causes for a car not starting.

Dead Battery Issues

Leave the radio or lights on in your car and you’re guaranteed trouble. But what kind of trouble is it? If you turn the key and hear a clicking noise, then the battery is dead and only has enough energy to click as if fails to turn over the engine. In some cases, the clicking can also mean the starter has a short or is failing. Get a jumpstart from a neighbor or family member and take it to a pro to see if you need a new battery or if a jumpstart was all it took to get the battery recharged.

Bad Battery Connection or Ignition Switch

If you turn the ignition key and hear complete silence under the hood, then you’re looking at a problem with the battery terminals or the starter. Often times corrosion will separate the cables from the battery terminals and inhibit the flow of electricity. Corrosion can be easily cleaned off with baking soda and water, brushed on and rinsed off. If that doesn’t do the trick, then you might need a new switch on your ignition. Towing San Jose can provide this service within 30 minutes of your call.

Car Won’t Start on Rainy Days

If the car won’t start on a rainy day and it’s an older model, there are a couple of tricks you might try. First, check the distributor cap for moisture; if you find condensation, you need to get mechanic’s solvent and clean out the cap, then dry it with a lint-free rag. Then replace the cap and try again.

Getting your car started is an important step to the day. If you ever need help, let Towing San Jose offer professional expertise and reliable service.