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San Jose’s Flatbed Towing at Your Service

At Emergency Towing in San Jose, we specialize in all roadside emergency assistance and flatbed towing services. Flatbed towing is the safest way to transport your vehicle from one side of town to the other. We’re on call to provide you with the best towing services in town. As our name suggests, we cover the entire San Jose territory. Our powerful trucks can accommodate some extra heavy resistance. We’re able to safely transport larger vehicles and semi-tractor trailer trucks. You also don’t have to
glance at your watch for help to arrive, as we’re committed to fast arrival timing. Choosing a reliable flatbed towing company has never been easier! When the average towing company is home for the night, we’re out there working overtime to keep you safe on the busy roads. We’re the leading authority in all flatbed services, bar none!

Flatbed Specialists in San Jose

Having your vehicle towed on time is important, but having your vehicle safely towed, is even more important. We use the most secured methods when towing your vehicle. In fact, our safety techniques have earned us rave reviews from the local San Jose residents. We never use forceful tactics, and stick to the speed limit on the road. Our job is to deliver your vehicle in a safe and prompt manner. We offer a wide variety of towing services that include, flatbed towing, long distance towing, heavy duty towing, light duty towing, and emergency roadside assistance. If you’re stuck with a flat tire in the middle of the night, we’ll quickly be by your side to assist. Flatbed towing ensures that your vehicle never touches the rough asphalts and gravel that encompass the roads. Once we’ve fully secured your vehicle, we will then take off for the given destination. Our friendly customer care team members will give you a great quote in advance, so there are never any surprise fees at the scene.

The Best Flatbed Tow Company in Town

Whether you’re looking to transport your vehicle a few miles or beyond, we’ll be there to help out. We offer the most competitive prices in town, and you might be entitled to a discount per mile with your insurance provider. We’ll be glad to assist with the paperwork. Don’t let a rookie touch your car. Let the pros at Emergency Towing in San Jose through its network of independently owned and licensed affiliates safely tow your vehicle. Give us a call today!  (408) 271-2690